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Hand knotted and flat weave Moroccan rugs are available in a vast array of sizes. The dimensions are rarely the same and can vary by just centimetres so pay close attention when choosing yours. This is due, in part, to their handmade nature.

When it comes to shape there is less variety, but different shapes are starting to become more common in the souks of Morocco, including square rugs, round rugs, and long runner rugs.

Picking the right size and shape for your rug is important, that’s why we’ve made it easy by grouping all of our rugs by average sizes. The exact dimensions for each rug can be seen in the detailed description. The size can slightly change over time from softening and stretching. 

If you find a rug you need in a different dimension just email us at [email protected] and we can work with you to find one that fits your needs or have one custom made for you. Happy shopping!

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Moroccan rugs come in a large variety of sizes for a few different reasons. First of all, these rugs are made by hand and designed organically so they do not always end up an even size like 9’ x 10’ but more often something like 9’1” x 10’4”. Another reason is that each loom is unique, Moroccan weavers are not using pre-made standard looms, they are often using ancient, traditional looms most likely constructed in their homes by themselves and their family members. Also, each weaver has her own style and each design or story can require a different canvas. 

Another reason for the vast variety of sizes is the expansive range of uses for rugs in Morocco and the proliferation of them in city and rural dwellings. They are present in almost every room of a Moroccan home, usually for warmth as the floors of city dwellings are often made with materials that can be cool to the touch and/or for comfort as many rural dwellings have earthen floors. They are used on the walls of shelters and on the backs of animals. 

They also play integral roles in long held traditions, for example the Handira wedding blanket used to create our Pouf – Handira, was traditionally made by a Berber woman as a gift to her daughter on her wedding day to bring her happiness, fertility and to ward off evil. The bride would typically wear the blanket as a cape on her way to the groom’s house. The more we learn about Moroccan Rugs and their history, the more uses we find for them and the more value we see in them. No matter the size, wool is a durable, stain resistant, fire resistant, natural material and a rug made from natural wool will be cherished for decades to come.

Showing 1–12 of 73 results