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From unique Azilals to Plush Beni Ourains to Flat Weave Zanafis and everything in between Moroccan style rugs come in a variety of interesting designs. Each style is unique and we are committed to bringing you the best of the best. To help you find the perfect rug for your space we have split the rugs into style categories. Visit each style page to learn more about it and to see the rugs we have available or scroll down to shop all rugs.

If you want a rug in a different style or you just can’t find the rug you are imagining, just email us at [email protected] and we can work with you to find one that fits your needs or have one custom made for you. Happy shopping!

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When looking to purchase a Moroccan Rug it is good to learn a little bit about each style. Morocco is a country of varying climates from the dry daytime warmth then cold nights of the Sahara to the more temperate but rainy and often snowy High Atlas Mountains. This is part of the reason why you will find unique styles of rugs in different areas of the country.

Showing 1–12 of 102 results